The Journal of Graduate Liberal Studies


submission guidelines

Confluence welcomes manuscripts from students, faculty, and graduates of AGLSP member programs, including essays, research papers, short fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, art pieces, and photography. The journal also accepts book reviews of interdisciplinary works of interest to the Liberal Arts community. 

Confluence is published in print twice per year, while online content is updated regularly; because we do not wait for a particular print issue before publishing individual works, submissions are accepted and reviewed at all times.

Confluence is a free-access journal; however, institutional membership in AGLSP is required for submission to and publication in the journal. Students enrolled in academic institutions with a current institutional AGLSP membership are eligible for publication. Alumni of institutions with a current institutional AGLSP membership are also eligible up to one year post graduation. Alternatively, student and individual members of AGLSP are also eligible to submit. To learn more about the types and benefits of membership, or to become a member, please visit the AGLSP membership page for more information.

new special section of the journal

Although a primary purpose of liberal education is to provide a sound foundation on which one can begin to identify oneself and one’s world, it must equally provide the tools with which to question, to discuss, and to recognize and cultivate new manners of relating. At the heart of a liberal education should be an acute recognition of, and respect for, the profound diversity of human character and human experience, which should in turn motivate and direct the promotion of justice.

As the voice for graduate liberal studies in North America, Confluence is well positioned to bear the responsibility of fostering the kind of dialogue, engagement, and relation that constitutes the heart and the value of a liberal education. To this end, we are introducing a new special section of the journal, HUMAN VALUES—INSIGHTS, IMPLICATIONS, APPLICATIONS, which will comprise submissions that deal specifically with applications of ‘liberal’ learning to questions of human values and contemporary challenges to the stability and security of human society. While reviewing submissions, the Editorial Board will select papers that fit with the purpose and philosophy of this new section; however, if you submit a paper that you feel is appropriate for inclusion, please indicate your preference for consideration.

style guidelines

Prose manuscripts may be up to 20 double-spaced pages, including bibliography, tables, images, and endnotes. Poetry should be single-spaced, with each poem limited to 10 pages. No more than one work of prose, three poems, three art pieces, or three photographs may be submitted. You may submit in two genres.  

The journal follows the Chicago Manual of Style; please consult the manual when composing your manuscript. Use endnotes as opposed to footnotes. Endnotes should appear directly after the text.The manuscript should be set in Times New Roman, 12 pt. type.

Each writer should take care in preparing the manuscript before submitting. Style should be consistent throughout the manuscript, such as in the treatment of titles, abbreviations, and foreign words. Proofread carefully for possible errors of any sort, noting especially any foreign or highly technical words or phrases. Format and style of the manuscript are solely the responsibility of the author; even if your submission is accepted for publication, you may be asked to revise your manuscript if it fails to meet the journal’s style requirements.

The first page of your manuscript should begin with the title of the piece, followed by the author’s/authors’ name(s). The manuscript should follow with no page headers/footers or any other designations. Please number your pages. The manuscript should allow for 1” margins. 

All text, including tables, must be incorporated into the body of the manuscript. Any graphic material such as photographs or diagrams should be submitted as separate digital files (.jpeg, .pdf, .tiff.). The dimensions of graphics should be no greater than 4.25 inches wide by 6.5 inches high with a resolution of 300 dpi or greater. The placement of graphic material must be clearly indicated in the body of the manuscript. PLEASE NOTE: Currently, the print version of the journal does not include color; while full-color images will be published online, all such images will be converted to grayscale for print publication.

Prepare a short biographical statement as a separate document. The biographical statement should be from three to five sentences in length and should include the author’s institutional and program affiliation. After the biographical statement, also include full phone, e-mail, and mailing information. 

Submit manuscript and biographical statement files to in Microsoft Word format. In the Subject section of the e-mail, state “Confluence Submission” and the title of your submission. Your submission will be acknowledged by e-mail and will be under review and consideration for approximately four to six weeks. If your manuscript is accepted for publication, all rights will belong to Confluence/AGLSP.