The Journal of Graduate Liberal Studies


The Journal of Graduate Liberal Studies

Vol. XXII, No. 1 – Fall 2016

Instead of asking, “Are there truths out there that we shall never discover?” we would ask, “Are there ways of talking and acting that we have not yet explored?” Instead of asking whether the intrinsic nature of reality is yet in sight…, we should ask whether each of the various descriptions of reality employed in our various cultural activities is the best we can imagine—the best means to the ends served by those activities.
— Richard Rorty

Confluence is a national, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal published by the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs (AGLSP) that reflects the best scholarly and creative work produced by faculty, students, and alumni/ae of AGLSP member institutions. Its broad scope includes scholarly essays and creative work such as short stories, poetry, creative nonfiction, and visual art. The variety of topics discussed, views espoused, and forms of expression used in our publication will be a demonstration of and an inspiration to the kind of interdisciplinary engagement that is constitutive of a liberal education, while emphasizing fundamental relations that transcend the boundaries of discipline and form. In this manner Confluence will better demonstrate not only that “everything is connected to everything else,” but also that there is an essential relatedness inherent in this connection that must be engaged and explored.

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Newly Published


What Happened When Anna Jumped from the Window: The Domestic Slave Trade in Antebellum Washington, D.C.

Candyce Carter, Stanford University

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AGLSP annual faculty Award – 2015

Educating Public Intellectuals

Francis J. Ambrosio, Georgetown University

[text]     [pdf]


Interdisciplinary Writing Award – 2016

Saving a Bit of Beauty for the World: Retelling the Story of Rose Valland

Claire Schwartz, Dominican University of California

[text]     [pdf]


Creative Writing Award – 2016

Going Gray

Molly Gamble, Dominican University of California

[text]     [pdf]



Six White Horses

John Bechtold, Duke University

[text]     [pdf]



Pilgrimage, Partitions, and Patriarchy: Polish Women and the Virgin Mary

Kristina Kwacz, SUNY Empire State College

[text]     [pdf]



Excerpt from Exit Wound: The Life Story of Guot Aschouth

Lori Hess-Tolbert, Southern Methodist University

[text]     [pdf]



The Passionate Lie: The Education of Little Tree and the Art of Audience Manipulation

S. Marisol Asselta Castro, Duke University

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