The Journal of Graduate Liberal Studies



Confluence is a free-access journal with a 20+-year history of publishing the best work from faculty, students, and alumnae/i of AGLSP member programs. Although still conceived as the premier showcase publication for work from AGLSP member programs, the Journal now accepts submissions from any institutions and areas of interest that reflect the interdisciplinary engagement that is constitutive of a liberal education. Confluence welcomes essays, research papers, short fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, art pieces, and photography, as well as book reviews of interdisciplinary works of interest to the Liberal Arts community. Confluence publishes new, full issues twice per year – in the Spring and Fall. Additionally, newly accepted manuscripts are published regularly on the Confluence website.

Now accepting submissions year-round!

Submissions are welcome year-round, and will be reviewed promptly after receipt. Authors will generally be notified of the verdict on their work within four to six weeks, with publication often soon thereafter.

For complete submission instructions, please visit the Instructions for Authors page.

New Special Section of the Journal: 

Human Values—Insights, Implications, Applications

Liberal education bears the responsibility for providing the tools with which to question, to discuss, and to recognize and cultivate new manners of relating. As the voice for graduate liberal studies in North America, Confluence works to foster the kind of dialogue, engagement, and relation that constitutes the heart and the value of a liberal education. Work published in this section will deal specifically with applications of ‘liberal’ learning to questions of human values and contemporary challenges to the stability and security of human society.

upcoming Special issue: 

"Practice and theory"




In recent years, the field of Graduate Liberal Studies has taken a pragmatic turn, toward a wide range of interdisciplinary endeavors, including community activism, conflict resolution and mediation, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, service learning, travel study, digital humanities, and public history. Recasting “theory and practice” as “practice and theory,” this Special Issue aims to foreground practical applications, without losing sight of their theoretical underpinnings. In this spirit, we invite papers across a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary inquiry and engagement, from hands-on initiatives, to theoretical perspectives, to the vital tensions and connections between practice and theory.