The Journal of the AGLSP


Sarette Albin is a student in the Master of Liberal Studies program at Southern Methodist University. As a high school English teacher at an all-girls school in Dallas, she spends her days discussing literature and workshopping essays with her students (and hearing about the latest Taylor Swift gossip, of course). When not teaching or writing, Sarette can be found spoiling her dog rotten, going to the movies with her husband, or finding new places to explore.


The Flock

Sarette Albin, Southern Methodist University


Long before they arrived

We heard a murmur in the distance.

A growing din

An approaching thunder

The ripple of a thousand cries.


They came, then, in a wave

Rushing, roiling and dark,

Like a deep river eddy

Swirling fast among themselves.


They settled in trees

Making leaves from feathers black,

And seethed serpentine

over heads turned up in fear.


They came as a sign,

A wonder,

A force.

Sagging telephone wires

And darkening skies.

They stayed just long enough

To remind us again

Of the worlds waiting for us

Beyond the thin horizon line.

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