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Kevin Anderson is a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies student at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. Before moving to Dartmouth, he lived in San Luis Obispo County, California, where he graduated from Cal Poly with an MA in English and taught composition and rhetoric as a lecturer. He is currently pursuing interests in creative writing, globalization and political philosophy, and psychology.


Queen of Hearts

Kevin Anderson, Dartmouth College

What is the difference between standard of living 
And quality of life?
Run faster (Alice), and you stay in place,
Faster still, and what do you gain?

If you opt out, do you lose?
If the soldier sits on the march, 
Does he die,
And if he marches, does he live?
      (Off with his head!)

I am no hermit.
I don’t want to make my own shoes
      (out of sticks and stones and bones),
But this phone, this computer,
Offers me nothing—nothing 

but more.
(I am not virtual;
My Love doesn’t kiss me in bytes.)

I pay to play,
And to pay, I work,
And to work, I labor,
And to labor, I sacrifice

The present for 
A future (which?),
(My Red Witch, “Run!”) To despise the now
And hope for what?

A future present 
With more than now,
With more than now,
More (what?).

So chase the moon
And hurry (hurry) the sun,
I’m done. 
I’m done.

For Love 
(reality’s mist in the midst of chaos),

Here is the center,
Here the sphere
(Our conscious unconsciousness)
Nothing else is.


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